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Bone is a tissue. It’s alive. Proper nutrition and exercise help bones become stronger, just like our muscles and our joints. As children grow, the activity they do helps their brain, muscles, bones, etc. grow. As we get older, our bones don’t grow like they did when we were children, but we still must exercise in order to maintain and make our bones stronger. Engaging in activities that apply force to our bones is how we strengthen them. By routinely placing force on our bones and exercising they will grow to become denser in cell count to adapt to the forces we regularly put on them. The opposite is also true: the less force applied to our bones the less dense our bones will be. The less dense a bone is the greater chance there is of the bone breaking.

So what are some good exercises to aid bone density? The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons suggest Weightbearing exercises and Strength-Training exercises are some of the most beneficial for bone density. Simple exercises like hiking, jogging, stair climbing, jump rope, and team sports are a great way to promote healthy bones in people who do not have bone density issues—primarily because they are all high-impact. And just as Strength Training improves your muscles, it improves your bone density as well. Like we discussed earlier, when your joints and muscles are benefitting so are your bones.

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