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(EFFECTIVE 8/10/2022)


7am-9am: SR Powerlifting Club
9am: HS Girls All Sports Team Training
10am: Team Training
1130am: Team Training
1pm: HS Boys All Sports Team Training
2pm-4pm: Open Training/Lax Open Gym(Girls)
4pm: Group Speed
5pm: Group Strength
530pm: Team Training
6pm-9pm: SR Powerlifting Club


7am-10am: SR Powerlifting Club
10am: Team Training(Hanover Girls Field Hockey)
1130am: Team Training
1pm: Group Strength
2pm-4pm: Open Training/Lax Open Gym (Boys)
4pm: Group Strength
5pm: Group Speed
530/6pm: Team Training
6pm-9pm: SR Powerlifing Club


10am: HS Girls All Sports Training
11am: HS Boys All Sports Training
12pm-3pm: Open Training
4pm: Group Speed & Agility
5pm: Group Strength
4pm-7/8pm: SR Powerlifting Club

Click here for our Facility Rules.

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