Sports Reality
PERFORMANCE TRAINING AT ITS BEST Free Sports Performance Consultation


  • Permitted Types of Practice / Play ONLY – Be Safe
  • Only Molded Plastic/Rubber Field Cleats or Short Plastic Cleats (All footwear subject to Inspection and Approval by SR Staff)
  • Only Water is allowed on the Field

Not Allowed - Protect Field, Cleanliness and Athletes

  • No METAL Cleats or Long Turf Cleats (3/4’’ or more even if plastic)
  • No Spitting or Nose Clearing
  • No Food of ANY kind
  • No Gum, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy
  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas,  juices or other beverages
  • No Tobacco Products of Any Kind (anywhere in SR)
  • No Chairs, Sharp Objects, or High Heeled Shoes
  • No Jewelry and No Belts/Clothing with Sharp Edges
  • No Pets or Animals


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