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Winter 2022 Performance ScheduleWinter 2022 Performance Schedule

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Speed & Strength

Speed & Strength

EZDAY & ADULT Training

EZDAY Training

Sports Training

Sports Training

Field & Cage Rentals

Cage & Rentals

Sports Reality Performance Training is dedicated to building better athletes, better players and better teams across multiple sports. We understand that it takes a lot to excel in your chosen sport - strength, speed, agility, position skills and discipline just to name a few.

Under one roof in our 50,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility, we bring together the programs, coaching and support that athletes deserve when pursuing their dreams. Our professionally designed programs, staff and facilities serve athletes from school years through professional levels with offerings tailored to target groups at various developmental levels. Click here for our exciting video!

In today’s environment, Sports Reality is focused on COVID-19 safety guidelines in conjunction with our mission of improving athletes. When we designed Sports Reality we wanted to create the flexibility of having an indoor and outdoor environment. So, we incorporated massive roll-up doors with ground level fans and a two-story commercial-grade air rotation unit specifically built for Sports Reality that is normally used in much larger facilities to create such an environment. This unique “indoor/outdoor” flexibility partnered with the COVID-19 safety guidelines work to promote the well-being of all clients and staff here at Sports Reality and is particularly attractive for field-based activities.

Straight Talk from our Performance Director

  • Straight Talk

      Over the past 3 years I have had the privilege of coaching girls & boys high school lacrosse, middle school girls’ lacrosse, travel baseball teams, travel softball and travel girls soccer in team training.  Our team training program is a combination of strength, speed, and agility that runs every week between 2-4 months.  The focus of team training is to get the athletes stronger,...

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Stretching & Exercise

  • Stretching and Exercise
    • Back Health

      Our backs take a beating because we are constantly using our back muscles—and not always in the best of ways. During the day, we certainly don’t hold perfect posture, we slouch, and we bend in many ways that our backs may not appreciate depending on how young we are. But once the day ends and we go to bed, the work doesn’t end for our backs....

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