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Of course, your muscles, joints, and bones all function in conjunction together. When you workout for the benefit of one, you are aiding them all. Likewise, when one is neglected, they’re all being neglected.

The way this works in relation to your joints is simple. As you exercise, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which are connected to joints, become stronger and more flexible. The more strengthened these muscles, ligaments, and tendons are, the more stable the associated joint(s) becomes. This is because the muscles, ligaments, and tendons all act as a brace for the joint by becoming stronger while surrounding the joint. When there is more protection and support around the joint the less stress is directed to the joint.

Another way exercise benefits your joints is by making your heart pump more and more blood. What’s in this blood? A healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients. Why does that matter to your joints? Well, this enriching blood flow ultimately provides lubrication to the joint’s synovial membrane where synovial fluid is produced. This fluid provides lubrication for your joints so you can move with less resistance. The less resistance on your joints, the less wear and the longer your joints will last.

In addition to this benefit, when you exercise the cartilage in your joints is being compressed and released. When this happens water is pushed out and then sucked back into your cartilage. This cycle removes and brings new water and other nutrients to your joint which also aids in the disposing of damaged cells which then engages your body to produce fresh, healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. Such a significant maintenance system helps with your joints’ longevity.

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