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What About Exercise? How do my muscles benefit?

So now that we have discussed the general understanding of why stretching is important, let’s move onto exercise. We all know that exercise is good, but most people don’t know the many reasons why exercise can be beneficial. At Sports Reality we recognize that the benefits of exercise include everything from producing muscle to helping improve your mood, but let’s take a look at the main reasons why exercise is important and break each down to better explain.

The most obvious benefits of exercising—especially using weights—is that it strengthens your muscles, joints, and bones. Let’s begin with how it improves your muscles. When your muscles are engaged in exercise small tears begin to occur as the muscles are being put under stress. Don’t worry, these small tears are good—they are how your muscles will grow and become stronger. Your body will naturally begin to repair the tears by transporting nutrients through the blood to the places in your muscles that need repair. Through repeated exercise and healthy eating this repair process becomes more efficient. But when you first begin to engage muscles that have not been engaged in exercise for extended periods of time, your recovery time will not be as succinct as it will be once you’ve been exercising for a while.

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