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Functional Movement and MobilityOur functional movement/mobility program will take each athlete joint by joint working on mobility or stability of the respective joint. This program will enhance mobility, improve movement quality and aid in injury prevention and recovery. Here, Sports Reality will write a regimen based on the athlete’s free evaluation benchmarks in addition to addressing other questions brought forward by the athlete or athlete’s coach. The functional movement/mobility program is not held every weekday as our Overspeed and Strength classes operate due to there potentially being a wide array of mobility, stability, and flexibility conditions in a large group of athletes. This program is offered in One-On-One, Small Group, and Team-based training sessions.

Our conditioning program is designed to improve the capacity of all three energy systems to ensure each athlete can perform optimally from the first to the last whistle. Being well conditioned will help the athlete perform well at all times as well as help the athlete maintain proper technique in games to promote a healthy full season. In our conditioning program Sports Reality will create a workout based on an athlete’s evaluation benchmarks and concerns the athlete or coach may bring to attention. As in our functional movement/mobility program, the conditioning program is not offered every weekday as our other classes are, but instead is designed to be either One-On-One, Small Group, Large Group, or Team training sessions.

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