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Do you know Newton’s Laws? If you don’t, you definitely should read this if you’re in some way, shape, or form involved with competitive sports. Performance training is not just about doing work, it’s extremely important that you have a good understanding of the science behind your program that you’ve designed and are implementing.

I love this quote from the article.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. “Nate Harvey will love this statement—this is why the strongest athletes win more. They create great reactions! Because they have great strength (and have trained all along the force-velocity curve)”.

Here’s an example of Newton’s Laws that most should be able to understand. If a baseball player hits a ball with double the force, the rate at which the ball will accelerate (speed up) will be doubled. Football players can slow down, stop, or reverse the direction of other players depending upon how much force they can generate and in which direction.

If you understand these laws, then you understand why we at Sports Reality Performance have the philosophy and technology (Tendo Unit weight lifting Analyzers) we have. It’s of the utmost importance to work all ends of the force-velocity curve; the Tendo Analyzers measure average and peak velocity as well as average and peak power output. Which if you have read and understand Newton’s Laws you already know how important it is to know what velocity the bar is moving on certain lifts, days, and times of year. What I love about the Tendo Analyzers is that they teach the athlete to accelerate, set a standard for the athlete to compete against, and take the guessing game out of the equation. How do you really know what end of the force-velocity curve you’re really working if you don’t have feedback? And if you don’t understand Newton’s Laws, then good luck!

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